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Holistic Doula Training

Thanks for your interest in the “Holistic Doula Training”. I am very excited to be offering this training for both birth and postpartum periods.

Run in North Lakes 3 times a year, this training will run over either 3 weekends or an intensive 4-day weekend. There is a workbook that will be sent out 1 month prior to the start of the course with about 15 hours of work to complete.  Following the course there are 4 supervised births required.

I am available for phone and email support leading up to and after these births and there is a written report due after each of them with some reflections

About Myself

I am a mum to 4 rambunctious kids – Anneke (13), Rico (12), Macey (7) and Harper (4).

I am a Homeopath, kinesiologist, Doula and Lactation Consultant. I worked many years in partnership with a midwife in New Zealand where we specialised in “high risk” at home. We also birthed in the hospital and birthing centres. Since being in Australia since 2014 I have attended many births in many settings including many “free births”, hospital, birth centres and home.

My passion really lies with supporting women to have the most meaningful empowering birth they can. To feel supported on all levels through the pregnancy, birth and early postnatal period.

What is Covered in our Doula Training Course?

Here is an outline of topics taught during the course and workbook:

Topic Units Covered
Pregnancy Anatomy and physiology of pregnancy

Pregnancy complication

Optimal foetal positioning

Nutrition and supplementation in pregnancy

Medical tests in pregnancy

Labour and Birth Place of birth – Birthing options

Stages of labour

Role of a doula

Role of a partner

Self-help techniques

Interventions in labour – cascade of interventions

Hormones in labour

The golden hour

The Umbilical cord – all the options

Vitamin K

Breastfeeding Establishing breastfeeding

Breast crawl

Supporting a breastfeeding mother

Understanding the mechanics of breastfeeding

Trouble shooting for breastfeeding

Postpartum Care for new mother – emotional

Perineum care

Postpartum changes -physical

Baby care

Extra Skills Rebozo

Homeopathy for pregnancy, labour and postpartum

Acupressure for Pregnancy and Labour

Massage in Labour

Starting a new business

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