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The role of a doula is to provide continuous emotional and physical support for Mum and her birth partner throughout labour, birth and the early days of parenting.

With vast experience, Jo has had the pleasure of being part of many births since 2007 in a range of settings. Jo can offer help and suggestions for different comfort measures in labour including breathing, relaxation, movement, acupressure, homeopathy and labour positions. Often, Jo will also support the birth mothers’ partner in order to better support Mum.

One of the benefits of choosing Jo is that you can call her at any time during your labour when you are ready for her to come and support you. Normally, she will be with you within an hour of your call. Jo will support you with your choice in how you want to birth without speaking for you, making decisions for you or projecting her own opinions or values onto you. She will be there to give you information and to support you on this very special day.

Jo believes all women have the power and courage to birth their babies with ease. Often, women just need some reassurance and empowerment to find that strength and power from within. It truly is Jo’s pleasure and honour to be invited to share such a special time and be allowed to hold space for women to birth their babies.



Doula package $2800 ex GST

$700 deposit payable at time of booking

$700 paid at 28 weeks

$800 paid at 34 weeks

Balance due at 37 weeks


What’s Included in a Doula Package?

2-3 antenatal appointments

Support for the birth

Homeopathic remedies used during labour

2 post-natal appointments

extra appointments available at $60/hour


Did You Know That Women With a Doula Have…

Shorter labours

Less pain medication

Fewer interventions

Less C-sections

What is a Doula?

A doula provides continuous care to a woman throughout her labour, helping to make a more beautiful and satisfying experience. She gives words of encouragement and provides comfort measures and reassurance. During labour, she assists with positioning, massage and ways to decrease neocortical stimulation so labour can progress. She facilitates communication with other members of the birth team and provides information when necessary to the parents so they can make informed decisions.

Often the Doula will be in the background making sure all the little things are there for mum and providing support just when you need it.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does the Doula replace the partner of the birthing mum?

A doula is there to support both the birthing mum and their partner. The doula does not take away from that special job of a support person. Instead, they are there to help out and assist the support person so that they can be there for mum when she needs them most.

Does a Doula replace a midwife?

No, a doula does not replace a midwife. A doula does not perform any clinical procedures.

Does a Doula perform clinical procedures?

No, a doula does not perform clinical procedures (which can include blood pressure, foetal heart monitoring, vaginal exams medications)

Does a Doula make medical decisions?

No, a Doula cannot make decisions for clients; rather, they give information so the parents can make informed decisions. Jo will also not communicate directly with medical staff when these decisions are being made – such communication must be directly between birthing parents and their caregivers.

Can a Doula guarantee a “perfect”, intervention-free or painless birth?

Unfortunately, not! Circumstances may arise which dictate a marked departure from your Birth Plan. Therefore, Jo does not assume responsibility for the outcome of the birth, professionally or personally, but she can be there to help make it safe and as beautiful as possible

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    Brianna Easton

    Jo is so helpful and is very knowledgeable. She is my go-to for my family’s health. My daughter had really bad colic from 3 weeks old and I was one stressed, sleep deprived first-time mum looking for a solution. Jo’s advice & tips helped tremendously as well as her homeopathic

    Brianna Easton
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