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QRA - Quantum Reflex Analysis

QRA is an advanced kinesiological testing system using medically accepted acupressure points.

QRA provides a comprehensive system allowing support to assist a client with wellness. A component of QRA is to be able to assess the energetic strength of products and foods. How a health product is processed and packaged affects its quality and therefore its efficacy.

The technique allows the clearing of both emotional blocks and physical traumas that may be preventing a client from achieving optimal health. During a QRA session, the practitioner tests key acupressure points on the body to determine a weak or strong bio-energetic response.

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QRA Can be Used For

  • Food sensitivities
  • Immune stressors – recurrent illness,
  • Emotional blocks
  • Physical trauma
  • Product biocompatibility – testing individual supplements if they are compatible with you
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History of QRA

QRA is the result of 30+ years of intense research and development by the team at Premier Research Labs (PRL) and the international network of QRA practitioners.

QRA is based on the Bi-digital O-Ring Test, a university-proven energy testing technique. It has been proven in numerous research studies to be both reliably accurate and to generate reproducible results.

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Consultation Prices

  • Initial consult approx 1 hour $80
  • Follow up consult 30- 45 min $70
  • Clay treatments $35 -$55
  • all prices plus GST
  • Remedy adjustment, email Or short phone call $30

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