QRA - Quantum Reflex Analysis

QRA is an advanced kinesiological testing system using medically accepted acupressure points.

QRA provides a comprehensive system allowing support to assist a client with wellness. A component of QRA is to be able to assess the energetic strength of products and foods. How a health product is processed and packaged affects its quality and therefore its efficacy.

The technique allows the clearing of both emotional blocks and physical traumas that may be preventing a client from achieving optimal health. During a QRA session, the practitioner tests key acupressure points on the body to determine a weak or strong bio-energetic response.



  • Food sensitivities
  • Immune stressors – recurrent illness,
  • Emotional blocks
  • Physical trauma
  • Product biocompatibility – testing individual supplements if they are compatible with you
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When faced with a number of illnesses such as diabetes, autoimmune diseases, depression, chronic fatigue (just to name a few), poor gut health could be behind some of the presenting symptoms. Many illnesses, although they may not seem to be linked to your gut, can be caused or made worse by your gut problems.

Your digestive system is one of the central parts of better health and well-being. It plays a big role in the regulation of your hormones, the removal of toxins and much more.

Jo specialises in the promotion and management of better gut health and re-balancing hormones. If you’re suffering from thyroid conditions, depression, lethargy or any other hormone imbalance conditions, have a chat with Jo today about how her approach can help. Her homeopathic products can help relieve symptoms and improve your health.

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