Clinic Services

Jo Spies can provide you with highly effective, safe and painless treatment for hormone imbalances. Jo helps with the treatment of postnatal depression, PTSD, heavy periods, severe mood swings, hot sweats/flushes and early onset menopause.

Using an all natural approach Jo can have you feeling better again!

Often these issues go hand in hand with gut issues, bloating, diarrhea, candida overgrowth, IBS & any other gut issues. Rebuilding a healthy gut is part of rebuilding healthy hormones, so this is just a beautiful side effect.


Homeopathy & Quantum Reflex

Using a combination of homeopathy and quantum reflex analysis tests, Jo looks for ways to test your body for deficiencies, blocks or weaknesses to offer great nutritional support and premium supplements. Jo creates a truly individual care plan for each and every patient she sees.

No two people are the same. Even when treating two people with the same sort of headaches, Jo will often use a completely different approach.

After taking a full case history and understanding exactly what is going on, she will begin to prescribe what is needed based on the totality of what is showing up in her results physically, mentally and emotionally. It really is about the whole picture.

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Specialising in Gut Health and Rebalancing Hormones

When faced with a number of illnesses such as diabetes, autoimmune diseases, depression, chronic fatigue (just to name a few), poor gut health could be behind some of the presenting symptoms. Many illnesses, although they may not seem to be linked to your gut, can be caused or made worse by your gut problems.

Your digestive system is one of the central parts of better health and well-being. It plays a big role in the regulation of your hormones, the removal of toxins and much more.

Jo specialises in the promotion and management of better gut health and re-balancing hormones. If you’re suffering from thyroid conditions, depression, lethargy or any other hormone imbalance conditions, have a chat with Jo today about how her approach can help. Her homeopathic products can help relieve symptoms and improve your health.

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Lactation Consultant and Doula Services

Jo is very lucky to be invited to support parents on their journey to parenthood. Being a doula is such a rewarding and special job. Working with families from conception through to the weeks following birth and beyond is something that Jo thrives on and enjoys.

Jo can assist you with her doula service and is also here to provide you with the private lactation consultant service you’re looking for. Servicing throughout North Lakes and the Brisbane region, Jo can help you and your family to grow together, address concerns and have a happy, healthy birth.

To find out more about our lactation education and doula services, call today for a friendly discussion.

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