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Aroha Health by Jo Spies

8 Week Practitioner Grade Detox

8 Week Practitioner Grade Detox

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This is a four phase, 8 week program which strategically uses a total of 5 products. Four of the products are beautiful herbal and nutritional blends while the fifth product is a single supplement, NAC. 

You will also receive a PDF outlining the specific steps and recommendations for your detox period. For more information regarding ingredient break downs, mechanism of action or to discuss suitability in your situation, please email As an additional caveat, if your situation is complex, I may recommend a consult rather than an email exchange. 

Phase 1: Gently begin the detoxification process while ramping up antioxidants in readiness for the next stages. Some key ingredients include chlorella and brocolli seed extract

Phase 2: Continue with the gentle detoxification detailed in Phase 1 plus improve bile flow for digestion,  support immune system, improve cognitive function and alleviate symptoms of fatigue using high doses of antioxidants derived from garlic, selenium, folate, vitamin c, plus more.

Phase 3: Introduce milk thistle to improve liver health, chitosan for cholesterol, antioxidants such as quercertin, vitamin c and vitamin e to avoid free radical damage 

Phase 4:  Support the nervous system, detoxification and liver health simultaneously with korean ginseng, brocolli seed extract and chlorella to minimise fatigue and support healthy stress management. 

As a general rule, detoxes are not recommended during pregnancy. The ingredients in these products are quite gentle and are suitable for breastfeeding in most cases. Please check with your natural care practitioner if you are breastfeeding to assess your individual circumstances. 

For more information, please email
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