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Jo Spies/Aroha Health

First Aid Kit

First Aid Kit

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This is a great little bag to start you off with the first aid kit, add in your own few things as there is plenty of room.

  • 10 Sachets of Toxa Prevent
  • Liposomal Vit C
  • Kombo Kit
  • Kawakawa Balm
  • Royal Mullein Ear oil
  • Colloidal silver spray
  • Sol 30c
  • Iodine


Liposomal Vit C – this is a great little shelf stable Lipo C for all illness and will not upset the tummy.


Kawakawa Balm – this is a little gem for healing up cuts and abrasions, burns and skin sores. Healing, soothing balm


Royal Mullein & Garlic Ear oil – sore ears, ear ache and ear infections this is your go to!


Colloidal silver spray – Sore throats, blocked noses, conjunctivitis, bites and stings, cuts and abrasions, infections. This is great little spray for washing and killing bacteria.


Iodine – infections, cuts that need washing out, even spray on sore throat! Use it neat on the skin ( it may sting a little ) but will get the job done.


Sol 30c – use when out in the sun hourly 2 pills in the mouth and suck till dissolved, will help alleviate the burn and sting of the sun.


Kombo Kit – this is the bees knees for travel – The Kombo Kit come complete with 15 mini Combination Homeopathic remedies targeted to cover a range of situations. This kit is small enough to travel with but a powerful tool to have on hand! Includes: Allergy/Hayfever, Pain Mix, Fever Help, Sore Tummy Mix, Ear Ache, Sprains/Strains & Inflammation, Cramps, Gastro Mix, Calming, Rescue Plus, Sore Throat, Cuts & Abrasions, Burns Mix, Itchy Skin.

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