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Jo Spies/Aroha Health

Early Bird Placement - Women.Returning Home Retreat

Early Bird Placement - Women.Returning Home Retreat

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Have you been looking for an all-inclusive, immersive experience to go deep within yourself for expansive growth? Join us for our women only retreat where you will be taken on a journey of empowering self-discovery and growth. Our retreats are designed to provide you with an empowering and supportive environment, surrounded by like-minded women, to dive deep into your own shadows with the nurturing support of our fully qualified Master Breathwork Instructors and Health Practitioners.


The weekend will be carefully curated to support your journey, through meditation, breathwork sessions, ice baths and cold-water immersion, meaningful connection, sound healing, somatic releases and movement, and amazing food to nurture your soul. We have kept some things a secret of course!


Our retreat location is carefully selected to provide a peaceful and nurturing environment that will help you disconnect from your everyday stressors and reconnect with your inner self. Our retreats are led by experienced facilitators who will guide you through a journey of self-alignment and rapid self-expansion.


When was the last time you invested in yourself? When was the last time you let someone else take care of you whole-heartedly? We got you. Let us take you on this amazing inner journey where you’ll leave feeling recharged and empowered to continue your journey with a renewed sense of purpose, passion, and fire!

All women are welcome 18 years and older. 

What to expect:

  • 2 nights shared accommodation in a beautiful, Sunshine Coast hinterland location
  • Nourishing Breakfast, Lunch & Dinner 
  • Breakthrough breathwork session
  • Somatic movement and releases
  • Ice baths and cold-water immersion
  • Sound Baths
  • Daily Movement sessions
  • Meditation and visualisation
  • Silent reflective journaling
  • Personal & Group Coaching
  • Emotional Support Sessions

Over the weekend you can expect to be gently guided into the depths of your being, where you will explore, release and relish in your shadows and then fiercely and unapologetically emerge a stronger, more powerful and confident woman. 

Early bird tickets are available until 12 December 2023 or until placements sell out.

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