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Kit 2: Expansion Homeopathic Kit - Aroha Health

Kit 2: Expansion Homeopathic Kit - Aroha Health

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With or without black case
Choose Your 30th Homeopathic Remedy

Kit 2” is an expansion Homeopathic First Kit containing 29 commonly used homeopathic remdies. Use along side the Basic kit

Kit 2 contains 29 remedies. Please select a remedy of your choice to add to your kit to fill it to 30 remedies. Please note this in the cart notes


Got the basics of home prescribing homepathics down pat?
This kit contains the NEXT most commonly used remedies.

Now available – WITH a hard case. Use the drop down to select this packaging option 

All full sized remedies made with pillules.

This has been created to build on the Homeopathic Basic Kit. If you do not have the basic kit yet please start there as they are the MOST commonly used remedies. 

Kit 2 contains 29 remedies at 30c potency.

This kit is the ‘upgrade’ to the basic and beginner kits! Complete with the next 30 remedies you want on hand to prescribe the right remedy for your family needs every time


  • Allium cepa 30c
  • Anacardium 30c
  • Anas barb 30c
  • Arg Nit 30c
  • Arnica 200c
  • Baptisia 30c
  • Baryta carb 30c
  • Belladonna 200c
  • Borax 30c
  • Briegers – Flu preventer
  • Calc carb 30c
  • Calc phos 30c
  • Carbo veg 30c
  • Causticum 30c
  • Cina 30c
  • Coculus 30c
  • Cuprum 30c
  • Dioscorea 30c
  • Eupatorium 30c
  • Graphites 30
  • Ignatia 30
  • Kali bich 30c
  • Kali mur 30c
  • Ledum 30c
  • Lycopodium 30c
  • Mercurius 30c
  • Pyrogen 30c
  • Staphysagria 30c
  • Worm combination

You may also use the text box to choose 1 remedy to add to your kit at no extra cost to fill your kit out to 30 remedies.

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