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Organic Iron Complete - BioPractica

Organic Iron Complete - BioPractica

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High strength bioavailable iron with cofactors and Rosa canina.

ORGANICIron COMPLETE contains the gut-friendly, highly bioavailable iron bisglycinate with essential cofactors for iron absorption, utilisation and energy production.

Contains nutrients that commonly occur as co-deficiencies with iron and are involved in energy production NOW formulated to support women of childbearing age and those following a plant-based diet.

May assist in the management of dietary iron insufficiency.

Contains the herb Rosa canina, a rich source of antioxidant compounds including ascorbic acid and beta-carotene which improve iron uptake

Contains the antioxidant vitamin C which aids iron absorption and utilisationIncludes zinc to support iron absorption and red blood cell production

Contains activated B vitamins for red blood cell production which do not require enzymatic conversion enabling immediate bioavailability.

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