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Phytaxil 60 Capsules - BioMedica

Phytaxil 60 Capsules - BioMedica

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Phytaxil by BioMedica is a broad action herbal formula with anti-parasitic/anti-bacterial properties. Phytaxil contains myrrh and thyme which are traditionally used in western herbal medicine for the following;
– as a carminative to relieve flatulence
– as a vermifuge/helps remove intestinal threadworms/pinworms
– to support digestive health
– to relieve symptoms of indigestion/dyspepsia
– to relieve nasal congestion
– to clear nasal passages
– to reduce the severity of symptoms of mild upper respiratory tract infections
– to clear respiratory tract mucous
– to relieve cough


Each Phytaxil vegetarian capsule contains:  
Origanum vulgare (Oregano) essential oil 50 mg
Allium sativum (Garlic) bulb ext. dry conc. (as Allisure® powder) 60 mg
equiv. fresh bulb 1.2 mg
Phellodendron amurense stem bark ext. dry conc. 100 mg
from dry stem bark minimum 2 g
standardised to Berberine 47.5 mg
Thymus vulgaris (Thyme) leaf ext. dry conc. 60 mg
from dry leaf 600 mg
Commiphora myrrha (Myrrh) gum oleoresin ext. dry conc. 25 mg
from dry gum oleoresin 250 mg

Excipients: When using excipients we tightly control the input quantity which results in the absolute minimum requirement. Some of the excipients below are attached to the raw material. We include these for full transparency.

Cellulose microcrystalline, Silica colloidal anhydrous, Stearic acid, Proprietary vegetable capsules (based on hypromellose), Maltodextrin, Acacia, NMT 5000ppm hydrochloric acid, NMT 5000ppm hydrochloric acid, Disodium edetate, Gellan gum, Potable water, Potassium acetate

Allergen Information: The following substances have not been used in the production of this product however the finished product has not been tested to confirm the absence of these substances so care must be taken in the case of anaphylaxis

Dairy | wheat | yeast | egg | lactose | glucose | sucrose | fructose | sulphates/sulphites | gelatin | crustaceans | nuts | salicylates | amines | potato | rice | gluten

Suitable for vegans.

Use only as directed.
Always read the label or information supplied.
If symptoms persist see your health care practitioner.

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