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Animal Tick and Flea Homeopathic Prevention Remedy

Animal Tick and Flea Homeopathic Prevention Remedy

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Animal Tick and Flea Homeopathic Remedy 

For a safe and effective way to prevent pests on your four legged friends try the Animal Tick and Flea Homeopathic remedy! Suitable for prevention and treatment.

For prevention give 2 drops twice a day for three days at the beginning of Spring

Then do once a month through spring  & summer. If you are in a high tick area then you can do a dose each week, through the high season.

Contains Ioxides, Pullex 30c. This remedy can be used if there is an infestation and for preventative measures, please see the different options.

How much is 1 dose: 2 pillules for everyone. Or 2 drops if a water remedy. for water remedies make sure that you shake (bang it on your hand a few times) before use. Drop remedy under tongue, do not touch the dropper on any part of the mouth or tongue.

What do I do if my pet throws up after taking the remedy? If it is within 20 minutes of taking the dose, then wait 30 minutes and repeat the dose.

  • Homoeopathics should be not be taken straight after eating. Wait 5 mins
  • Ideally take homoeopathic medicine before eating.
  • Easiest is, first thing in the morning, or last thing at night.
  • Remedies should be in the mouth for 30 seconds to be effective
  • Allow 10 mins between remedies if taking more than one remedy

If taking weekly remedies: take on the same day each week if taking 2 or more weekly remedies spread them out through the week and repeat the remedies on the same day each week.

How come some of the pillules are white and others more opaque? Different suppliers have slightly different colours of the pillules.

Where should I store my Homeopathics? Keep all your remedies together in a lunch box, in a cupboard away from strong smells.


Use only as directed.
Always read the label or information supplied.
If symptoms persist see your health care practitioner.

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