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Aroha Health Live Event

LIVE Empowered Health Workshop - North Lakes Community Centre

LIVE Empowered Health Workshop - North Lakes Community Centre

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Do you feel overwhelmed by conflicting information regarding gut health and wellness?

Or are you just keen to learn more about the lesser known (but VERY IMPACTFUL) side of gut health & the lymphatic system?

Join us at North Lakes Community Centre on 13 July 2024 from 1:30pm for an afternoon chatting with Mark Porter & Chelsey Jean.  

This is a FREE community event sponsored by Aroha Health & Organics for Life, designed to empower and educate our community with information & tangible tools to improve your health.

To register for this FREE event, please add a ticket to your shopping cart and proceed all the way through to checkout. No payment is required.

About Chelsey Jean

Chelsey Jean is a renowned expert in lymphatic health and an accredited Naturopath, with years of experience in helping people achieve remarkable health transformations through her groundbreaking techniques and insights into the lymphatic system. 

Chelsey Jean’s transformative 2-minute lymphatic self-massage routine has restored health to nearly 12,000 Australians, both men and women.

Her focus on self-care, disease prevention and optimising lymphatic flow for detoxification is a game changer. 

About Mark Porter

With more than 20 years in the natural health industry, Senior Researcher & Educator at Genesis Health Products, Mark Porter brings a unique (and often untold) perspective to health and wellness. He introduces some very simple, effective & evidence based approaches to gut health which will undoubtedly have a positive impact on the health of you and your family. 

About the Empowered Health Workshop

Over the last two decades, Jo Spies has passionately delivered holistic & natural health support to families in Australia & New Zealand as a Homeopath, Doula, Kinesiologist & Lactation Consultant. Her passion for bucking the conventional health system has impacted thousands of families through both businesses, Aroha Health & Organics 4 Life. 

As part of Jo's ongoing community focus, Aroha Health & Organics 4 Life are proudly sponsoring the Empowered Health Workshop with the aim of making this important information more accessible & digestible. 

Discussion Points
Over the course of a couple of hours, our key point speakers Chelsey Jean & Mark Porter will deep dive into

  • Basics of Lymphatic Health: Understanding your body’s unsung hero
  • Personal Health Empowerment: Strategies for self-care and disease prevention
  • What basic concept of western medicine guarantees eventual failure right from the start?
  • How can simple wellness principles from the ages be used to protect our health?
  • What hidden menace lies hidden beneath all of the advice published on gut health?


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