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NMN - Give Back Collection

NMN - Give Back Collection

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Nicotinamide mononucleotide (NMN) is a popular and researched NAD+ precursor. It provides the body with NAD+, which can be used in an extensive range of metabolic processes. NMN shows a high degree of promise in healthy ageing, energy optimization and metabolic health. 

Independent third-party testing results are a must with NMN due to a high risk of adulterated and low purity materials currently being sold in the marketplace.  Give Back Health Clinic Collection NMN is manufactured and tested in TGA-approved GMP facilities in Australia to the same strict standard as listed medicines. It is also third party tested for identification, quality and purity in TGA approved GMP facilities in Australia. The raw material we use comes from a global leader in NMN production. It is a trademarked and patented NMN that’s been used in human clinical trials.

NMN is currently not approved for use in Australia. It can, however, be prescribed by healthcare practitioners to their patients as an extemporaneous compounding ingredient following a consultation. Give Back Health Clinic Collection NMN is pharmaceutical medicine grade for extemporaneous compounding.

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